Examples for automatic action filter conditions

Listed below are the most frequently used conditions for Netrox SC automatic action filters.

Advertising system campaign (Google AdWords, ...)

If set up accordingly, Yandex or Google will send to the landing page the utm tags containing information about the advertising campaign that linked the user to your site. Figure 1 shows a typical version of the visitor filtration condition tree.

In this case the company deals in airplane sales. The example involves the campaign for "Seasonal Discounts for Single-Motor Airplanes" that has the same title in advertising systems, for instance, light_discount.

Example of filtering condition for an advertising campaign in a search engine. Netrox SC online consultant
Fig. 1


In this case the action we selected will be performed if the visitor has arrived on the website via said advertising campaign and either spend 40 seconds on the site with no consideration for pages, or is currently on the page dedicated to the advertising campaign subject, and over 15 seconds have passed since they entered that page.

Delay at a certain page

Let us set up an automatic invitation to chat if a visitor spends 30 seconds on a page with pricing information (in this case it is www.somedomain.com /price/). The filter condition will look the following way:

Visitor delays on a certain page. Filter condition example. Netrox SC live chat software
Fig. 2


It is checked whether two conditions are fulfilled simultaneously: whether the URL of the page the visitor is on contains the word "price" and if the staying time exceeds 30 seconds.

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