Filter condition operations

Logical operations are performed at least on two conditions.
  1. AND
    Checking for simultaneous fulfillment of all nested conditions.
  2. OR
    Checking for fulfillment of at least one nested condition

String operations

String operations are case-insensitive.
  1. = - Equals.
    Performed if values fully match.
  2. - Is not equal to.
  3. - Contains.
    Performed if contains the specified string.
  4. - Does not contain.
    Performed if the specified substring is not in the variable value.

Integer operations

  1. = - Equals
    The equalization operation should be used very carefully, since the increment step of integers may be different from "one"
  2. - Is not equal to
  3. > - More than
  4. < - Less than
  5. - More or equal to
  6. - Less or equal to

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