Creating filtration conditions

The visitor filtration condition is displayed in tree form. The number of nesting levels is unlimited. There are logical operators by which you can create the required structure.

The tree structure is manipulated based on the drag&drop principle. Using the mouse, you can drag conditions and operators in the tree creation area as well as delete them from there.

Condition tree creation area. Netrox SC live chat software.
Fig. 1

The condition tree creation area consists of four sections (fig.1):

  1. Condition elements (tree branches)
    These are to be dragged to corresponding fields or into other tree creation elements.
  2. Trash bin
    You can drag 1 element or an entire tree branch here to delete them.
  3. Condition tree creation spot
    If the tree implies more than one condition, start its creation with dragging the AND / OR operators here. This block will become the tree's root.
    If there is only one filtration condition, you do not need the AND / OR operators. It will be enough to only drag the Condition tool here.

Adding condition

  1. Left-click and hold the Condition tool.
  2. If you are creating a filter from one condition, drag the strip into the condition tree creation spot (Fig. 1 - 3).
    If you need this condition to participate in the AND/OR logical operation, drag the strip into the strip of the corresponding operator in the tree creation field.
  3. In the first dropdown menu of the opened dialog window select the criterion whose value you are planning to check.
  4. In the second dropdown menu select the comparison operator.
  5. In the entry field type in the reference value corresponding to the type of the variable being checked.
  6. Press the "Save" button.

Modifying a condition

The criterion, the comparison operator and the reference value can be modified right at the bar on the tree.

Adding the AND/OR nested operator

  1. Left-click and hold the required operator strip
  2. Drag the strip and drop it above the root bar of the target branch in the tree creation field.

Adding the AND/OR operator outside of the branch/condition

  1. Drag the branch/condition into the auxiliary field for the AND/OR operator below the tree creation field
  2. Drag the required operator onto the spot of the removed branch.
  3. Drag the previously deposited branch/condition into the new logical operator.

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