Visitor filtration system

The filter system in the Pro version is designed for extreme augmentation of the automatic call function and bringing the flexibility of visitor calls in the automatic mode closer to that of manual calls by an experienced manager. Additionally, the system allows for a more rational load distribution between operators under with high traffic density.

The filter functions are not limited to setting up automatic invitations. Filters not only may automatically send various invitations to different visitor groups but also automatically block unwanted visitors. Filters help setting up the system in such a way that certain messages from a visitor could be received by a specific operator or operator group (department).

Filters are a Site function. If you added several Sites to an Account, filters are set up for each one individually.
This function is available to the Pro subscribers

General guidelines for working with auto-action filters

Automatic action filters are set up in the Webite -- Filters section of the Netrox SC live chat software interface.

You can set up an unlimited number of filter triggering scripts. Additionally, you are not limited in the filter condition nesting depth.

The filter setup, designed for avoiding unnecessary effects on the site, is performed in two stages. First, conditions for all filters are set up and saved, and then, once you decide all is ready for uploading to the site, press the "Apply" button.


For instance, you want the site visitors to be prompted only after having spent over 2 minutes on the site, or having visited no fewer than 2 pages of your site. Meanwhile, the prompting message should read, for instance, "Greetings, what can I help you with?".
At the same time, repeat visitors should be greeted with "We are happy to see you back! What can we help you with?"/
Additionally, you want the visitors of the contacts page to see the message: "You can contact us right now via 8-800-...", and the visitors viewing the partners section should have the ability to contact the partners manager.
You also want the Krasnoyarsk visitors to be greeted with "Good evening!" when visiting starting with 4:00 PM local time, while the Moscow visitors should see "Good day!".
Or you want the customer arriving via the Google search of "Land Rover windshield" to see the automatic message "Greetings, I see you are interested in Land Rover spare parts? We can offer you a special 5% discount off the list price"
You want the chat to be invisible to visitors from other countries, and so on.

You can selectively communicate special offers to the visitors of your spite. For instance, all the visitors arriving via the Yandex ad will be offered a special discount, while other visitors will not see said offer. You communication through the site becomes less impersonal and a real person is behind the invitation to chat and not an automatic answering machine; at the same time your managers do not get swamped and will join the dialog only after a visitor responds.

Having set up the filters, you can make your work related to Internet marketing and promotion more efficient. In SC, you can create complex filters by using the and/or logical operators

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