Simple automatic message

The simple automatic invitation is a greatly simplified version of the filter system. If you want to maximize the efficiency of the handling of your visitors, go to the filter system description page

As opposed to flexible and complex conditions for the filtering system, the automatic invitation only has one condition determining whether the visitor will see the invitation or not. This condition is the sufficient length of staying on the site.

In order to turn on the automatic message to the visitors:

  1. Go to Website -- General
  2. If you have several sites, make sure that the right one is selected in the dropdown menu to the upper left. If you only have one site, the dropdown menu will not be available.
  3. In the Automatic active invite block check the box Enable automatic active invitation of visitors
  4. Specify your Time spent on website upon the expiry of which the visitor should see your message.
  5. Specify the Message title.

    As opposed to the filtering system which allows for sending automatic messages on behalf of real operators, the simple automatic message is not capable of that and requires typing in a title that imitates the operator name. Generally, you can use this title at your discretion.
  6. Type in the Message text.
  7. Press the Save button.

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