Tracking NETROX events in Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika

The NETROX live chat software is easily compatible with popular site web analysis systems. You can track a number of NETROX events in Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika to obtain maximum effect from conversion analysis.

Following Netrox events in Google Analytics

Events are fed automatically, with no manual settings adjustment required. Netrox events are fed both to the new Universal Analytics version and the old Google Analytics.

To view events, please:

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account
  2. Go to the Behavior -- Events -- Top Events tab
  3. In the events categories, select «NetroxSC»

You should see the following actions for the event:

List of NETROX actions in GA
Each Event Action contains Event Labels.

Available Filter Event Labels


ID of the corresponding auto-action filter can be obtained in the NETROX system by going into the filter settings session Site -- Filters, with Administrator rights.

Forwarding the Filters event from NETROX to Google Analytics

Available Chat Event Labels

RawChat Chat start
AskedQuestion Visitor has asked a question
FullChat Full-fledged chat
OfflineMessage Visitor has sent an offline message

Forwarding the Chat event from NETROX to Google Analytics

Available Act Event Labels

OpenedWindow Visitor has opened a chat window (shortcut)
MailChat Visitor has sent email correspondence
Forwarding the Act event from NETROX to Google Analytics

Setting up goals with Netrox events in Google Analytics

If you need to analyze Netrox events as conversions, you can use the Google Analytics goals mechanism. For instance, you can use goals to analyze the amount of full-fledged chats via the on-line consultant or the sending of off-line messages.

To add goals, please:

  1. Enter the Admin section in Google Analytics
  2. Select the required Account, Property and View and move on to Goals
  3. Press the red button + NEW GOAL, at the first step select the second option Custom and then Continue.
  4. At the second step enter the goal name (for instance, Number of full-fledged Netrox chats) and select the type Event, then Continue.
  5. Add Event Conditions
    • Category = NetroxSC
    • Action = One of the NetroxSC actions forwarded to GA (in the example that is the «Chat», while the full list of available actions is given above)
    • Label = Forwarded action shortcut (in the example that is «FullChat», while the full list of available action shortcuts is given above)
  6. Save the goal.
Setting up Google Analytics goals for the NETROX chat

Setting up Google Analytics goals for the NETROX chat. Step2

Now the created goal will be available in the Conversion reports, as well as in the Real-time -- Conversions reports. If needed, all available NetroxSC actions could be added similarly.

Setting up Yandex.Metrika for Netrox events

Aside from Google Analytics, the Yandex.Metrika goals can be used to track Netrox events. In order to do that, please:

  1. Go to the editing page of Settings -- Goals.
  2. Select Add goal
  3. Enter the goal name, for instance, Chat Start
  4. Select the condition JavaScript event
  5. Enter the goal identifier. In our case, it is Netrox_Chat_RawChat
  6. Press the Add goal button

Adding the Netrox chat goals via the Yandex.Metrika interface

If needed, within Yandex.Metrika you can add all the identifiers available in the Netrox on-line consultant. The list of available identifiers is given below in the table

Available Netrox event identifiers for Yandex.Metrika

Goal name Goal identifier
Chat Start Netrox_Chat_RawChat
Question Asked Netrox_Chat_AskedQuestion
Full-fledged chat Netrox_Chat_FullChat
Window Opened Netrox_Act_OpenedWindow
Correspondence Sent in Email Netrox_Act_MailChat
Auto-action with specific filter ID Netrox_Filter_XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX
Off-line message Netrox_Chat_OfflineMessage

After adding all the required events they will become available in Reports -- Standard Reports -- Conversions.

There is no need for further adjustments; it is sufficient to only add the required goals. Netrox will determine the presence of Yandex.Metrika on your site and the counter number and will communicate the required events.

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