Accounts: organization identifiers

An Account in the Netrox SC system is a record entry for an organization/project.
Many sites could be linked to an account, either possibly connected, or without any association whatsoever.
An unlimited number of users can be set up with an account.

Adding an account

You should add a new account if, and only if, you are connecting a new organization to the system, meaning some project that financially and administratively does not have anything in common with an Account already existing in the system.
Predominantly, it proves sufficient to just add another site to the system.
  1. Go to the Netrox SC starting page.
  2. At the bottom of the page, before the "Useful Links" block, click the Create new account link.
  3. In the ensuing window enter the name of the organization, the site title and the basic domain.
  4. Press the Create button

Deleting an account

ATTENTION! Deleting an account will entail deletion of all sites linked to the account, together with all their settings.
The system will not allow to delete an account that is not operating on a free tariff and having nonzero balance.
  1. Go to Account -- General
  2. If you are an administrator of several accounts, make sure that the correct account is selected in the dropdown menu to the upper left. If you only have one account, the dropdown menu will not be available.
  3. Press the Delete account button

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